I see a number of posts on quora from persons having gotten their DNA percentages. What is odd to me is that they are questioning the percentages. Example, “I am 10% Italian and 40% Greek. What am I?”

Generally speaking, beyond our grandparents, our DNA is part of the gene pool of every human being. The percentages mean very little. The way to gain a more personal understanding is to take out the family photos and make comparisons. For example, my brother inherited our 2nd great grandmother’s large ears, but no one in our family inherited her beautiful eyes. My grandmother inherited her father’s red hair, but she got her grandmother’s bad teeth. The more you peruse the old photos, the less you will see of yourself. Beyond what we get from our grandparents, the DNA percentage is simply a stretch. Then. The answer to the question of “what am I?” is that “you are a child of your parents.”

The gene pool actually begins with Noah and his sons, and you go from there. However, the oldest surviving record is the Domesday Book of 1066 A. D. Thus, we are unable to trace back to Noah.

A large percentage of Americans claim descent from King Edward I, however that does not make for royal blood. So, take a look in the mirror and examine the old photos!

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