Where to find records of those who lived in Henrico County, Virginia during the 1600s

Jeannette Holland Austin
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Henrico County was the second settlement in the Virginia Colony. It was established in 1634 as one of the eight original shires or counties. The county was named for Henry, Prince of Wales, the eldest son of King James I of England.

Sir Thomas Dale was the first explorer to leave Jamestown and establish an upriver settlement on a peninsula on the north side of the river, called Farrar’s Island. Sir Thomas called the settlement Henricus. The town was fortified and was substantially occupied in four months. The men built a wooden church upon a brick foundation along with storehouses, watchtowers, and huts. They planned to erect a university on the site for the purpose of converting the Indians to Christianity. All plans for this town failed after the Powhatan Confederacy massacred most of the white families in the colony on March 22, 1622! A list of the dead is available to members of VirginiaPioneers.net

After the massacre, the colonists resolved to engage in regular attacks against the Indians, and ultimately pushed them farther westward.

Henrico Genealogy Records available to members of VirginiaPioneers.net


  • Marriages 1680–1808
  • Marriages to 1699
  • Marriages 1780 to 1861

Indexes to Probate Records

  • Index to Settlements and Estates 1770 to 1787

Miscellaneous Wills and Estates

  • Michaux, Abraham (1717)
  • Perkins, Nicholas, LWT, transcript (1711)
  • Randolph, Peter

Digital Images of Wills 1650 to 1717

Testators: Bowen, John;Childers, Abraham; Clerk, Allison;Cooke, Richard;Frazier, William;French, Christopher Jr.;Ham, Martin;Holmes, Thomas;Jones, Thomas; Knight, Anthony;Lester, Edward;Lettus, Thomas;Moons, Abraham; Nolls, Philip;Perrin, Ann;Perrin, Richard;Pew, Henry;Pleasants, John;Randolph, William;Watson, Benjamin;Wells, Thomas

Digital Images of Wills 1678 to 1693

Testators: Bridgewater, Samuel;Clerk, John;Cole, John;Davis, John;Ealane, William;Epes, Elizabeth;Harwin, John

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