Where Immigrants Landed in America and the roads they took afterwards

Wilderness road

Hugh Hall, an emigrant from Ireland, cast his lot into the service of the American Revolutionary War. As was typical of the process, he no doubt embarked from County Antrim, Ireland and entered the port in Philadelphia, settling for a time in Berks County with the other Irishmen before moving on. After marrying in Pennsylvania, he apparently removed into North Carolina where he enlisted and served as Private on the North Carolina Line. The estate of Hugh Hall was discovered in Hancock County, Georgia. On September 2, 1811, Francis Lewis and Dixon Hall Sr. were appointed administrators of the estate of Hugh Hall in Eatonton. From the inventory of the estate, it would appear that Hugh Hall had found success in America as a planter first owning land in Wilkes County, 287–1/2 acres on Richland Creek. This acreage was a land grant for his service during the war.

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