When will Local Governments Learn How to Deal with Crime?

Jeannette Holland Austin
3 min readJun 4, 2024

A “do nothing” attitude prevails across America.

The beautiful night sky in Atlanta frames the soothing beauty of a local neighborhood. It is what nature offers, while Atlantans close their eyes to waste, neglect, crime, and disaster. It is too bad we cannot address the blue sky like this: “Hey, sky! What is that ugly corruption beneath you?

This morning’s news was about three busted water mains. Unfortunately, this is not unusual. You can call it old equipment, but the problem is ongoing. Further, the average time it takes a new house to hook up to public sewage is three years!! You guessed it, the new home sits finished and vacant for extended periods.

However, while driving through this area, the automobile encounters pavement gaps and lousy street repairs, where tires always endure a hefty “bump.”

Fulton County recently had its election. On the ballot was an option to pay more money to the county. That box received a roaring “yes.”

Fani Willis seems to have some unaccounted-for big bucks in her possession resulting from an affair with Mr. Wade. Let’s see, Fani has a whopping net worth of some 8 million dollars! In 2022, her salary as District Attorney for Fulton County, Georgia, was $62,793.66. This audacious request for more tax money means taxpayers are paying “twice” for Fani’s little money hoard.