We are Not Measuring Up

We have created a society of ding-bat college graduates! They are whining, demanding creatures incapable of independent thought or research, accomplishment or leadership. The future of America seems to lie in the hands of lazy, entitled critics of the founding of this country and its Constitution.

Here we are in an age of a promising technology which will led us to other planets, and much more. . . And who is there in this vast graduate-base of millennials etc. to accomplish the implementation of new ideas?

Earlier generations sent their children into a world of hard work and problem-solving. The founding fathers, whom they despise, sacrificed everything for freedom. Just read some of the revolutionary war pensions to learn for yourself how they accomplished a free Nation in the face of struggles and hardships!

Yet, this generation emerges as a bunch of complainers unwilling to inconvenience themselves or give anything to society. Who will engineer the vast network of needed solutions in the new emerging technologies, and who will oversee and manage the affairs of this Nation?

Elon Musk wants to go to Mars. How can Earth people possibly colonize another climate?

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