Voters are to Blame for the Corruption in Fulton County, Georgia — Obvious in the Fani Willis Case

Jeannette Holland Austin
2 min readFeb 19, 2024

When will you ever examine candidates more closely before voting them into office?

The Fani Willis Show went live last week in Fulton County, Georgia. For the first time, we viewed a technicolor view of the results of Affirmative Action. If you did not understand the educational results of this ploy before now, you will after viewing the trial. Simply “giving” a student a degree in law does not mean that they understand the law. This truth was displayed throughout the trial by the witnesses. I did not realize the extent of corruption in Fulton County until now. It was announced by the attorney for Willis that she would not take the witness stand, when, suddenly, she threw open the door and ran inside declaring that she would testify.

Well, just about everyone knows that it is inadvisable to testify for oneself. This truth was immortalized in stone by Willis as she frequently disrupted the proceedings, and even told the judge which questions he should ask.