Tracing your Family History

7 States of Genealogy Records are Online

Tracing the family history involves more than just a search of the census records. A thorough research effort is indicated into the county records where your ancestor resided. If you visit a State Archives, you would search through marriages, probate (old wills and estates), land records, military records, tax digests etc. to accomplish the genealogy. Georgia Pioneers offers these old records online for the following States: Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. We also have a vast collection of bible records and family histories. As this record continues to grow, we are adding data in New York, Florida, Missouri, etc. as it becomes available. Because this collection enables the researcher to go beyond (searching census records-none available before 1790), it one which is unrivaled by any other genealogy website.

Genealogy research is a the “never-ending story”. It is interesting, informative, and exciting to unfold the past by researching actual records.



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