Time to Get Back to Work

Okay, we’ve had over a year of restrictions and turmoil. It is time for America to get back to work!

Some pretty broad changes have stretched across our land. For one, the bias in social media (and hateful remarks)is driving business to make changes and we are witnessing the emergence of social media platforms behind paywalls as an answer to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc.

For chatting with family and friends, other social mediums such as “Mewe” have gone under a paywall.

I found the nasty remarks on FB detrimental to my website business.

The idea of public media, once good for everyone turned sour.

Today, it is more about controlling the results of online action. I found Substack a good voice for genealogy, wherein I could provide helpful hints and historical data to my audience without the backlash.

In this age when business depends upon an online audience, you can get x-number of reads a year, but if they are slapping you around with nasty remarks, you have wasted your time.

THAT is what is happening to business on the Internet.

For 50 plus years I trace genealogies professionally, collect old wills, estates, wills, marriages, host georgiapioneers.com which includes AL GA KY NC SC TN VA