The Politicians took the Bloom off the Rose

Are Americans afraid? Do they truly believe that the world is soon coming to an end unless humans do the impossible — modify God’s work — the weather system on this planet? Al Gore’s prediction has already passed, as have so many others.

Our ancestors were not fearful. They did their job. Despite the nasty rhetoric expressed concerning the founders of this country. The generations of people who lived before us were poor immigrants, farmers, slaves, families who sent their children to field schools for education. Their economy was a wilderness to forge with their bare hands. No machinery to pave roads and sidewalks, construct libraries, schools, plow the fields, take the crop to market, etc. Whatever the circumstances, these generations built America.

And then our governments came along and finally abolished slavery and made freedom of choice possible for all persons. Now, all of the past events belong to us, to remember, to help us not repeat mistakes. Our ancestors built America. Everyone should be proud.

Since the early 17th and 18th centuries, people flocked to the American shores from all across Europe. They were the poor potato farmers from Ireland, Germans, Scotland, England, France, Switzerland, etc. All, in search of a better life, crossed the seas to this land. Some were lost in ship wrecks, while others landed on these shores with smallpox and other scourges.

“The people who settled in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the decade of 1630s doubtless had every desire to better their condition, and their zeal in seizing land from the Indians showed that they were able to put this desire into effect successfully. Their motive in emigrating, however, was more political than was that of many later colonists, most of whom came frankly to find fortune in a new country.” (1)

The Englishmen who settled at Jamestown, Virginia arrived in 1607 in a Supply ship furnished by the Virginia Company. Very few of these first settlers brought wives along. It was a wild country of savage Indians. In 1623, the Powhatan Indians resolved to kill all the white people in the region. A small number of the original settlers survived that massacre. A list of survivors is available to members of

More Supply ships arrived with new Englishmen. From the archaeological diggings in the area, some of them died from arsenic poisoning. In those days, the ship’s crews sprinkled arsen around food barrels to kill the rats. The modding few settlers lived in grass huts behind a palisade fence to protect themselves from marauding Indians. Some of the settlers returned to England to bring back wives. it was not until later that wives were brought into the colony for purchase. Yes, times were desperate.

All of the 13 original colonies suffered setbacks, but they were determined to make a good life for themselves.

A group of Italians came to Georgia at the behest of General James Oglethorpe to weave silk, a new industry in America. The person selected to manage the filature was a German male from the Swiss mountains. The city of Savannah was planned out and developed by Oglethorpe. Interestingly, as the first settlers passed on, their Wills and Estates were published in Chatham County (all records survived in this county). An average estate consisted of 50 pages or more! Should one trouble themselves to read the inventories, they would educate themselfs of the hardships of a colonial times.

The farm was an economy of its own which contributed to the betterment of the community. It built towns and later cities. 50 plus pages of items necessary to maintain a fair existence in an era of hardship and trial.

Although some of the first settlers known as “malcontents” avoided hard work and ran off to Charleston in 1741 or 1742, the remaining community of farmers and planters built a viable economy from the soil. They were glass blowers, brick masons, silversmiths, candlemakers, shipwrights, etc. These people, of humble origin, seeking to build a home in a free country, dug in for a lifetime of hard work. They saved everything. For example, importing nails and pane glass from England was expensive. Thus, when buildings were torn down, the nails, boards, and pane glass (listed in the estate inventories) were saved to be reused later. Records were maintained of all expenditures, loans, gifts; in and of itself a proof that the hard-labor of the colonists helped to build a Nation!

And when the time came, the colonists, the colonists, regardless of their station, fought a war of independence against Great Britain. And they did it by enlisting for 3-month tenures, which enabled them to return home during planting and harvesting seasons.

“I am Liberty! Fame of nation or praise of statute is naught to me: Freedom is growth and not creation: one man suffers, one man is free. One brain forges a constitution; but how shall the million souls be won? Freedom is more than a resolution — he is not free who is free alone. Justice is mine, and it grows by loving, changing the world like the circling sun; Evil recedes from the spirit’s proving as mist from the hollows when night is done. Hither, ye blind, from your futile banding; know the rights and the rights are won; Wrong shall die with the understanding — one truth clear and the work is done. Nature is higher than Progress or Knowledge, whose need is ninety enslaved for ten; My word shall stand against mart and college; The planet belongs to its living men! And hither, ye weary ones and breathless, searching the seas for a kindly shore, I am Liberty! patient, deathless — set by love at the nation’s door.” (2)

When the Dutch came to America and settled in Iowa, they were destitute, yet determined to build a better life for their families.

“I am convinced that a settlement in some healthful region there will have, by the ordinary blessing of God, excellent temporal and moral results, especially for the rising generation…. Should it then excite many wonders that I have firmly resolved to leave The Netherlands and together with so many Christian relatives adopt the United States as a new fatherland?”

“Dutch Emigrants Turned to America when thousands of persons lived from hand to mouth. They were the prey of poverty and hunger, stupefied by the hopelessness of securing the necessities of life….” (2)

“There I shall certainly meet with the same wickedness which troubles me here, yet I shall find also an opportunity to work. There I shall certainly find the same, if not still greater, evidence of unbelief and superstition; but I shall also find a constitutional provision which does not bind my hands in the use of the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God; there I can fight for what I believe without being disobedient to the magistrates and authorities ordained by God. There I shall find among men the same zeal to obtain this world’s goods; but I shall not find the same impulse to get the better of one another, for the competition is open to all; I shall not find the same desire to reduce the wages of labor, nor the same inducement to avoid taxation, nor the same peevishness and groaning about the burden of taxation. The Hollanders of Iowa by Jacob Van Zee. (2)

Genealogists, in their research, know some of the best stories of all time. I venture to say that just about everyone has an ancestors who is not in the history books; however, who made America great. There are stories of sacrifice, determination, tenacity, and love of freedom of our ancestors… the ones who lived before our time and built this country with sweat and blood — for ALL people who followed.

Here we are, in the 21st century, and the American politicians, depraved, envious, and greedy, have picked the bloom off of the rose. All that is left is the thorns. The thorns are easily seen in cities such as New York, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, and Michigan.

And they are teaching our citizens to wage war against freedom. It is done with a press that smothers free speech. The Media resides in a fantasy world of their own making, viz: “their truth.” A once free Internet has given way to hate groups and bias media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, as a starter.

A dark thorny cloud hangs over America.

2020–2021. Our banks are instituting the ESG (Environmental Social Governance), a system that rates individuals into categories, viz: by color, religious beliefs, sex, gender, and so on and on and on. Coming soon you will be denied bank loans and accounts based upon the criteria of the ESG. They joined ESG to keep from losing government funding. It is about money. Will you be in the loop?

Our politicians have evolved into a corrupt leadership of persons who will do anything, say anything, destroy anything to enrich themselves. Meanwhile, the wealthy politicians get rich off insider-trading, and subversive deals with foreign governments. Look at the filthy rich politicians. Where did they acquire their money?

Want answers? Follow the money

Please take a deep breath here and consider the importance of personally discovering the truth for yourself. Your kinfolks were not the bad guys. Neither are you.

If you take the time to do some tracing, you will discover some really interesting stories to tell your children. They need to hear of their strengths, determination and bravery.

Sources: (1) The Conquest of a Continent or, The Expansion of Races in America by Madison Grant

(2) The American Spirit in the Writings of Americans of Foreign Birth by Robert Elihu Stauffer;



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