The Fate of Israel Hands, the Pirate

At Ocracoke Inlet is a place called “Teach’s Hole” and the its location is still charted on maps. At Ocracoke and Portsmouth, Blackbeard could sell his captured cargoes to the merchants much cheaper than they could buy elsewhere and without their having to pay a farthing of British tariff. It was his home base where he careened his ships, repaired battle damage and fit them out more suitably for piracy. As a matter of interest, it was upon Ocracoke that he built a large and comfortable house for himself, two stories high, with many rooms. It was known as “Blackbeard’s Castle.” It is where he lived when he came ashore and where he counted his treasure before moving it to a hiding place. The castle stood for many years on the island, before finally being torn down to make room for progress. Before his death, the locations of treasure were known only to the devil and himself! Apparently, it was a favorite anchoring of Blackbeard, the pirate.

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