Algerine Pirates of North Carolina. The governor who succeeded John Culpeper in the Albemarle colony was a new lord proprietor, by the name of Seth Sothel, to whom the Earl of Clarendon had sold out his rights and interests. While on his way to America early in 1680, Sothel was captured by Algerine pirates and carried off into slavery. It took him three year to obtain his freedom and arrive at his destination. Then he proceeded to rule over the Albemarle colony wherein he proved himself to be one of the dirtiest knaves that ever held office. On the arrival of two ships from Barbadoes on legitimate business, Sothel seized them as pirates and threw their captains into jail, where one of them died of ill-treatment. The dying man made a will in which he named one of the most respected men in the colony, Thomas Pollock, as his executor; but Sothel refused to 1 let the will go to probate, and seized the effects of the dead man whereupon the executor threatened to carry the story of all this to England. For that threat, Sothel put him in jail and kept him there. When George Durant, prominent citizen, called such proceedings unlawful, Sothel straightway imprisoned him and confiscated his entire estate.



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