Sooner or Later, the Old Homeplace Disappears, and We Forget

Jeannette Holland Austin
3 min readSep 22

How will we handle the future?

If you are considering visiting your kinfolk's old farm or home, now is the time before it disappears from the landscape. The way things looked yesterday is not today’s vision!

The old farms become city roads, interstate highways, highrise buildings, and even big businesses occupied by Amazon and Google employees. It is a digital world, folks. With the rush to use AI (artificial intelligence) in industry, local businesses, and everyday life, some monumental changes lie ahead.

The pandemic brought about significant changes in the way that we work. Is working at home or in an office environment more productive with others? I discovered long ago that working in an atmosphere of other workers is more effective. The reason is that rising each day and going somewhere to work, among others, promotes motivation, ideas, and energy. I experience the feeling of emotional incentives from others. It catches, folks!

How long can you motivate yourself to work in your pajamas at a home computer?

Likewise, the memory of an old tractor in the yard or cows in the field is sentimental. The yards where we once played baseball, the homes of classmates, or an old school house still occupy our thoughts. And, one day, when you are much older and tell the grandchildren about the intertube swing in your yard, they might not envision that activity as fun.

Our ancestors fought in the Indian Wars, Revolutionary Wars, and World Wars. All gone. Today, only a few old veterans recall those experiences. Their stories of war do not impress anyone. Why?

The answer is that time passed into an age of concrete, automobiles, airplanes, and rockets.

Jeannette Holland Austin

Author of 100+ genealogy books. Owner of 8 genealogy websites available by subscription.