The idea that overnight success is possible is a false assumption. Yet, the “get rich” articles continue to spin out in record time for everyone to read. These articles have been around since the beginning of the Internet.

My genealogy site, Genealogy-Books.com was first visible on the Internet in 1995; and I have seen those promises from the very beginning. Essentially, I found that they are not informing you of anything that you do not already know. In other words, everyone has to craft a workable plan. It is just common sense.

You cannot make a fortune in a short-period of time! All success requires due time and diligence, all worth the effort. My first Internet business involved 12 hours a day. The years passed, and business crept along. How do I feel about all that work now? Why, I feel wonderful! I saw my idea develop slowly over time. I found solutions to difficult situations and implemented them.

The big business on the Internet (today) had financial backing. I did it incrementally, on my own tiny income. Do I still read the how-to articles? Yes, occasionally I venture there, but nothing has changed!



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