Our ancestors gave us freedom. Do we appreciate it?

Jeannette Holland Austin
4 min readApr 27, 2022
The Battle of Waxhaws, South Carolina

A great deal of criticism has been rendered about our ancestors. It seems that political activists seek to punish people based on their color and background. Actually, it is more of a financial penalty that finds the pockets of those persons who do not care to work or make anything of themselves.

The whole idea that one is responsible for the actions of their ancestor is ludicrous. The scriptures clearly state that we are not to judge others and that we are not responsible for the sins of our forefathers!

I have traced family histories for more than fifty years. To create a fair and accurate re-enactment of the problems and issues facing our ancestors, it is necessary to delve into history. America has involved itself in numerous wars. The circumstances and events of these wars should be researched from the standpoint of public records, especially pension records and applications wherein the ancestor described his situation in battles and events. Also, witness accounts in affidavits, military rosters, and other available data. For example, those pensions involving individuals in the Revolutionary War contain tons of information about the personal circumstances and participation of the soldier in the midst of skirmishes and battles. You get a true picture of his trials, tribulations, pain, and suffering.

No Quarter was Given. One of the most vicious British officers was Colonel Banastre Tarleton. During the battle of Waxhaws, the Americans lifted the white flag of surrender. But Colonel Tarleton gave no quarter that day. Instead, he ordered his troops to cut down the Americans with the sword.

The following account is given during the Battle of King’s Mountain in my new book Hero Imprints. (Available online to members of GeorgiaPioneers.com)

“At certain times, Whigs and Tories would be making for the same rock. The counter-sign of the Americans was “Buford” in remembrance of “Tarleton’s quarter” at the Waxhaws. Now is the time to exact revenge. As the armies were driven closer together, the columns of Colonel Shelby and Campbell united on the summit of the mountain while Colonels Cleveland, Winston, and McDowell led their men up the steep acclivity and were in the rear of British Commander Ferguson’s line which was facing the united…

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