Online Genealogy for 7 States

If you are interested in finding your ancestors, county records are the answer. Consider, when you purchase a home, a deed is recorded in your name with the county and state of your (then) residence. It is possible to use the name of the previous owner to trace the ownership down the line, all the way back to when the land was first acquired. Likewise, when you sell the property, you might have removed it to another city or state, and this information will be on the deed of the new owner.

Other public transactions exist, such as marriages, wills, and estates. If the person died intestate, then annual returns, sales, inventories, etc. were filed in the probate court.

Hence, one follows the trail of their ancestors in public records, cemeteries, etc., from State to State, County to County. For those persons tracing in Virginia, it is possible to go all the way to 1608.

Online probate records, marriages, etc. are available on (8 Genealogy Websites) for the States of Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. Heres is where to join —



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