News. The Non-Benefits of Social Media and Artificial Intelligence

Jeannette Holland Austin
3 min readNov 24, 2023

As news of artificial intelligence and social media issues spreads across the Internet, we await something different.

In 2006, social media was a winner. Initially, it was a place to sell products and ideas to one’s friends or, as it turned out, a vast audience of email addresses. At first, it was friendly. But then, a dark side assumed control. It became a place to gripe, criticize, and say crazy things. Today, social media helps assemble riots and malcontents and collect funds for the bad guys. And finally, it is known as a place that spreads lies.

America has always depended upon the media—the newspapers and magazines, then the radio. But as the Internet emerged, Big Money seized control of media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. But those two media companies grew into monsters.

But finally, the end game of media companies became transparent for all consumers who spent years building their friendship lists only to lose them to more prominent players who “sold our data.” Furthermore, the first players who lost time and money most likely never recovered.

Today, as the concept of AI stretches across the countryside, indeed, we can ascertain that AI is but another means to seize further control of the little guy’s personal properties.

The claim is that AI will require fewer employees and save time. Some 75% of jobs are estimated to be lost to AI. Square the reality that a portion of the population prefers working from home rather than going to a public.

Which begs the question. “What happened to American individualism, creativity, and ideas?” America has not sent a spaceship to the moon since 1969. That is a long time to be devoid of new ideas.

Compare the above fact to the death of social media. It was a good idea to send astronauts to the moon until the leadership changed. Likewise, social media thrived, until big business seized control.

Microsoft wants in. Do you want your computer to add AI programs? How will AI interact with the algorithms? In other words, the creation of your website, letter, or whatever, could be altered to reflect something else, and/or prevent the desired result. Example: Did you forget to add the so-called gender-identify pronouns? Just imagine the results.