Manufactured Goods

spinning wheels were in every home

Within the Colonial home stood the great and small wheels for wool and flax, the carding-comb and the molds for making candles of green myrtle berry wax which were not greasy to touch, nor would melt in the hottest weather. During 1698, the typical inventory of a Virginian household included a feather-bed, one sett Kitterminster curtains, and Vallen’s bedstead, one pair white linen sheets with two do. pillow biers, 2 Rusha-leather chairs, 5 Rush-bottom chairs, a burning glass, a flask fork*, and 6 Alchemy spoons (alchemy being a mixed metal). In addition to these articles, the list includes a brass skimer and 2 pairs of pot-hooks, and, as its crowning glory, one old silver Dram-cup. No doubt the possessor had sat with his boon companions on many a cold night, by the great chimney, plunging the hot poker into the fire nursing the loggerhead



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