It’s Our Turn!

Jeannette Holland Austin
3 min readMay 18, 2022

Our ancestors played their role. Especially those who fought in wars and strove to create a better world. We are in no position to agree or disagree with their lifestyle choices, because those times belong solely to the past. The battles which were fought on American soil for freedom were delivered at a great cost.

Yet, we exist during complexing times, laced with both good and evil, attached by a great suffrage. The difference between yesterday and today is that America is free, thanks to our ancestors! But once again, we are in the tank, surrounded by evil and turmoil which positions itself in government power and leadership.

Our ancestors did their work — they fought their battle — now it is our turn!

As an amateur historian and professional genealogist, while my work helps me to assign each generation its own set of troubles, I also recognize the evil designs of men which causes turmoil, and war. I realize that my ancestors were assigned great tasks in the pursuit of liberty and freedom for all, even to the extent of fighting wars, and surrendering of life. That is why it is so disconcerting when historical events are re-written to satisfy a more modern narrative! Such as the diluted mischaracterizations of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, or the especially tiresome analysis of Christopher Columbus of whom it is written that he shacked up (my own expression) with the natives, when, according to his own Journal, he expressed strong feelings that he was on a mission of God. You might be interested to read this Journal which has been translated into English. Christopher Columbus Journal (part)

The truthfulness of a situation is closer to the timeline, not later than. For example, when a person writes his last will and testament, those last words are his intentions. An heir might file a lawsuit against the document, but that instrument comes after the expression of living words. The truth lies in the words of the testator.

This is why we cannot re-write history to suit our own timeline. It is not ours to judge.

All genealogists seek for exacting details. The reason is that all of the discovered documents relate to its own special timeline. To put the story together, we also investigate the history of the times, locations, and situations. For example, we cannot attribute all of the battles of the Revolutionary War to the British. The reason is that many of the Indian tribes or confederations fought with the British…

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