New Hanover County Wills, Estates, Maps

New Hanover County, North Carolina

New Hanover county was formed in 1729 and known as the New Hanover Precinct of Bath County, being that portion taken from Craven County. During 1734 parts of the precinct became Bladen Precinct and Onslow Precinct. It was named for the House of Hanover. In 1750 the northern part of New Hanover County became Duplin County and during 1764 another part of New Hanover County was combined with part of Bladen County to form Brunswick County. In 1875 the separation of northern New Hanover County went to form Pender County.

New Hanover County Wills and other Records Available to Members of North Carolina Pioneers

  • Minutes of the Pleas and Quarter Sessions Court 1739–42; 1759–1769
  • Index to Minutes of the Pleas and Quarter Sessions Court 1739–42; 1759–1769


  • 1733 New Hanover County Map
  • 1738 New Hanover County Map
  • 1770 Map of Settlers in New Hanover County

Images of Wills, Book C, 1747 to 1858

Alderman, Daniel |Alexander, Aaron |Alexander, David |Allen, Archibald Smith |Amatio, Nicholas |Ancrum, John |Anderson, William |Armstrong, William |Ashburn, Denson |Ashe, Elizabeth |Ashe, John |Ashe, Samuel |Atkinson, Elizabeth |Atkinson, John |Averitt, Reuben |Baker, John |Ballard, Jethro |Bannerman, Charles |Barker, Joseph |Bartholomew, Samuel |Barwick, William |Batson, Batt |Batson, John |Batson, Peter |Batt, John |Beach, Silas |Beloat, Augustus |Benson, John |Berry, Samuel |Berry, Thomas |Bettoncourt, Emanuel |Bishop, Charles |Black, Samuel |Bland, James |Bloodworth, Mary |Bloodworth, Robert |Boissel, Marie Therese Dieudonia |Bond, Sweeting |Bonham, Hezekiah |Bonham, Samuel (blurred) |Bourdeaux, Anthony |Bourdeaux, Anthony (1853) |Bourdeaux, Daniel |Bourdeaux, William |Bowden, Bacor |Bowden, Martha |Bowden, Richard |Bradley, Eliza |Brown, Elizabeth |Brown, Jesse |Brown, Robert W. |Bryant, Benetar |Burch, James |Busley, Solomon |Calleorda, Zilpat |Campbell, Montequien |Chivers, Edward |Clark, Bella |Clark, Duncan |Collins, Jesse |Collins, John |Colson, James |Colvin, Alexander |Colvin, William B. |Corbett, John Sr. |Corbett, John M. |Corbett, William |Corbin, Edmund |Cowan, John |Coxster, E. |Coxeter, Esther |Cracke, Thomas |Cray, John |Crews, John |Cunningham, Sarah |Cunningham, Thomas |Cutlar, Elizabeth |Cutlar, Euphremia |Cuttars, Roger |Davis, John |Davis, Thomas |Davis, Thomas O. |De Kopet, Lewis Henry |De Kopet, M. J. |Denning, Margaret |Devane, Thomas |Devane, Thomas |Dickey, Eliza |Doty, Edward |Doyle, Margaret |Dubose, Anthony |Dudley, Alfred |Dudley, Catherine |Dudley, Christopher |Dudley, Edward |Dunbibin, Daniel |Dunbibin, Jonathan |Duncan, George |Eagan, Elizabeth |Eagles, Joseph |Eason, Jacob |Eason, Susan |Easter, Richard |Edens, Jacob |Epson, Thomas |Evans, Jonathan |Evans, William |Ezard, William |Fairchild, Mary |Farris, Owen |Farris, Sarah |Fennell, Nicholas |Ferguson, Daniel |Fillgan, John |Fillygan, Stephen |Fitzgerald, Thomas |Flowers, Thomas |Forbes, David |Ford, Marcus |Fountain, Isabella |Fountain, Noah |Foyer, James |Fryout, Sarah |Futch, John |Futch, Ocenimus |Gardner, James |Gardner, John |Gates, Rhoda |Gautier, Anna Bell |Gibson, Walter |Gill, Nelson |Goodie, James |Gordon, William |Graniger, Caleb |Grant, Solomon |Green, Nathan |Green, Samuel |Gregory, William |Guerard, John |Gurganus, Swinson |Gurley, Benjamin |Hall, James |Hallett, James R. |Hambleton, John |Hand, Margaret |Hanocks, Thomas |Hansley, William |Hardison, Jesse |Hardy, Richard |Harris, Catharine |Harvey, Francis |Harvey, William |Hasell, James |Hasler, James |Hay, James |Heane, Christian |Hedgeman, Lewis |Henan, William |Henderson, Duncan |Henderson, Thomas |Hendry, Alexander |Hendry, James |Hening, Benjamin |Hening, Dorcas |Hening, John |Hening, Samuel |Henry, C. D. |Henry, John |Henry, William |Heron, Benjamin |Herring, William |Highsmith, John W. |Hill, John |Hill, Sarah Lydia |Hill, Thomas |Hill, William |Hinckley, Elizabeth |Hinkley, Elizabeth |Hoard, Seth |Holliman, Elizabeth |Holliman, Peter |Holmes, Mariah |Hooper, George |Howard, James |Howard, James M. |Howard, Caleb Dena |Howse, John |Hulett, John |Isaac, Jonathan |Jacobs, George |Jacobs, Mathew |James, David |James, Margaret |James, Thomas |James, William |Jennett, Jesse |Johns, Isabel |Johnston, Ann |Johnston, Jonathan |Johnston, Mathew |Johnston, Richard W. |Jones, Amos |Jones, David Sr. |Jones, Elizabeth |Jones, Frederick |Jones, Frederick Jr. |Jones, Jane |Jones, John D. |Jones, Margaret |Jones, Marmaduke |Jones, Philip |Jones, Thomas |Jones, William |Jones, William |Judge, Israel |Kelly, Richard |Kerry, Daniel |Kingsbury, Gabriel |Kingsbury, John |Kirkby, James Harrison |Knotts, William |Koonce, Bryan |Lambert, Ezekiel |Lanier, Benjamin |Larkins, Benjamin |Larkins, Jacob |Larkins, James |Larkins, John |Larkins, Thomas |Laroque, James |Laspegne, Harriett |Lassiter, John H. |Lee, William |Lewis, Mullington |Lewis, William F. |Lillington, Alexander |Lillington, Eliza |Lillington, George |Loftin, Rachel |Long, Jonathan |Lord, William |Loudon, John |Loving, F. J. |Lyon, John |Lyon, Mildred |Mabson, Arthur |Mackay, William |MacLaine, Archibald |Mancy, U. |Manders, John |Manning, Margaret |Marshall, William |Mason, Caleb |Mason, Sarah |Massalan, Mary |Maxwell, Peter |McCaleb, Archibald |McClammy, Luke |McClammy, Peter |McClaney, Mark |McClellan, Angus |McCrackin, Robert |McCruslaw, Isabella |McCullock, Alexander |McDonald, William |McDuffie, Margaret |McGufford, Nathaniel |McKay, John |McKoy, William |McKellar, John |McLauney, William |McLeod, Daniel |McLorinau, Henry |Melson, John A. P. |Mence, Matthew |Merick, Thomas |Miller, James |Mills, James |Miller, Joseph Smith |Millon, Edward |Mills, Catharine |Mitchell, Catharine |Mixon, Michael |Mixon, Robert |Moore, Ann |Moore, Ben E. |Moore, Elizabeth |Moore, George |Moore, James |Moore, Roger |Moran, James |Morgan, Daniel |Morgan, David |Morgan, Ezekiel |Morgan, Hannah |Morris, Emanuel |Morris, William |Moseley, Thomas |Mott, Benjamin |Mott, Benjamin J. |Mott, Ruth |Munce, Clem |Munro, Hugh |Murford, William |Murphy, Cornelius |Murphy, John |Murphy, Mary |Murphy, Robert |Murray, Ann |Neal, Jacob |Neilson, Abraham |Neilson, Thomas |Newkirk, Abraham |Newkirk, Joseph |Newman, Stephen |Newton, Isaac |Newton, James |Newton, James |Newton, John J. |Newton, Joseph |Newton, Mary |Nichols, Caleb |Nichols, Elizabeth |Nichols, John |Nichols, Joseph O. |Nichols, William |Nixon, Thomas |Oaling, Charles |Oliver, John |Orme, James |Orme, Mary |Orr, Mathew |Overhisen, John |Paget, Louis Sr. |Parish, Joel |Parker, Thomas |Person, Stephen |Peterson, Emma |Peterson, Labon |Meckering, Phineas |Meckett, Thomas |Pigford, William |Player, Easter |Player, Mary |Player, Richard |Player, Stephen |Player, Thomas |Player, William |Poisson, Mary |Portevent, Samuel |Pouncey, Nathaniel |Powell, Jacob |Price, James |Price, Richard |Price, Susan |Quince, Ann |Quince, John |Quince, Richard |Rames, George |Rankin, Owen |Ratcliffe, James |Ratcliffe, Mary |Raylor, William |Riley, William |Robeson, Letitia Kitty |Robeson, Thomas |Robertson, Mary |Robinson, James |Robinson, Margaret |Rochell, Benjamin |Rogers, Thomas |Ronaldson, Andrew |Rook, Henry |Rooks, Jesse |Ross, Alexander |Ross, Ann |Ross, Walter |Rotchel, John |Rourk, William |Rouse, Alexander |Rouse, Elizabeth |Rowan, Esther |Rowe, John |Sampson, Henry |Sanders, Daniel |Sanders, Mary F. |Saunders, Elizabeth |Scarborough, Jesse |Schaw, Alexander |Sellers, Barbara |Sellers, Catharine |Sentas, Joseph |Shepard, Arthur |Sikes, John Sr. |Simpson, Joseph |Simpson, Martha |Sloan, Alexander |Smith, David |Smith, Dorcas H. |Smith, Mary |Spicer, James |Springs, John |Standley, James |Standley, James Sr. |Standwich, Samuel |Steed, Bevrice |Steward, Charles |Stewart, John |St. George, Elizabeth |Stainer, George |Swann, Aurelia |Swann, John |Swann, John |Swann, Samuel |Taylor, Ann |Taylor, James |Telfair, John |Thompson, WIlliam |Toole, Henry |Tooner, M. M. |Twilley, Ann |Vanceleef, John |Veuve Legros, Mary Martha |Vickers, Mary |Vickers, Thomas |Wade, Margaret |Wakeley, George |Walker, Ann |Walker, John |Walker, John |Walker, John M. |Walker, Magdalene Margaret |Walker, Robert |Walker, William |Walker, Julius H. |Ward, Anthony |Ward, Nathan |Ward, William |Warren, Mary |Warwick, Charlotte |Watson, Alexander |Watson, Jonathan |Watson, Joseph |Webb, Daniel |White, Temperance |White, William |Whitfield, William |Wilkinson, William |Williams, David |Williams, Jane |Williams, John |Williams, John |Williams, Thomas H. |Williamson, Tabitha |Williford, Sarah |Willy, Henry W. |Wilson, John |Wingate, William |Withings, Marshall |Wood, Mark |Wooten, Bryant |Wright, Thomas |Young, Catharine


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Author of 100+ genealogy books. Owner of 8 genealogy websites available by subscription.