If you are Searching for Ancestors in Georgia and Alabama

First, search all of the Georgia counties on the western border. Typically, after the Indians were removed from Georgia in 1818, settlers began pouring into these counties. Their next steppingstone was into the Alabama counties of Russell, Barbour, Chambers and Randolph.

Meriwether County Georgia Genealogy Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers.com. For more names — Meriwether County Georgia Genealogy Records (georgiapioneers.com)

Images of Wills in Meriwether County, Georgia, Bk A, 1831–1859

  • Testators:
  • Allen, Nancy
  • Ammons, Starling
  • Bennett, William
  • Bethune, William
  • Beauchamp, William
  • Blackburn, John
  • Blalock, John
  • Boyd, Robert
  • Brantly, Jesse
  • Brown, Robert
  • Butts, Zachariah
  • Caldwell, Hiram
  • Caldwell, Robert
  • Capel, Watson
  • Chappell, William
  • Clower, Morgan
  • Coleman, Samuel
  • Coleman, Sarah
  • Copelen, Anna
  • Courtney, Emanuel
  • Cross, Ezekiel
  • Crowder, James
  • Dark, Faithy, widow of John Watts
  • Day, Jonathan
  • Dismuke, Elizabeth
  • Douglas, Joseph
  • Dunlop, Joseph
  • Dupree, Mary
  • Durham, Abner Sr.
  • Edwards, Sterling
  • Enloe, Deason
  • Esham, William
  • Faver, Reuben
  • Fletcher, Zela
  • Freeman, Jeremiah
  • Freeman, John
  • Fuller, James Anderson
  • Garrett, Charles
  • Gaston, Alexander
  • Gates, Benjamin
  • Gates, Bennett H. H.
  • Gates, Samuel
  • Gill, William
  • Godfrey, George
  • Goss, John C.
  • Gresham, Eliza L.
  • Griffin, Elijah B.
  • Griffin, George W.
  • Groce, Hannah
  • Guice, John
  • Guice, Samuel
  • Hall, Alexander
  • Hamilton, Moses
  • Hardaway, Francis
  • Harris, Henry
  • Hatton, Robert

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