How Poor Leadership Affects Your Pocketbook: Changes Do Not Always Work: Some Ideas

Jeannette Holland Austin
4 min readFeb 22, 2024

Do you like the changes in your city or neighborhood? I do not.

My, how quickly America has changed in a few short years! One has to admit that most of the new ideas do not work. As an example, how do you like your new EV automobile?

If you walk into a store and pay more for a favorite item, stop and consider whether the price increase is, or you are helping to fund crime. The chances are that the store does nothing to deter a criminal from walking out of his store with several items. And, further, if or when that thief is caught, he is set free to return to his lifestyle. My question is this. If the store does not have security guards, alarm systems, or whatever it takes, to deter crime, why should you pay for it? Because that is what you are doing.

Some stores post a sign declaring that the store is “gun-free.” Thus, shoppers are warned that their security guard (if one exists) does not pack a gun. Hmmm. If you were a robber, wouldn’t this store be your first choice? The consequences for the shopper are intensely serious as well as insulting. If people are shot dead in that store, there is no one to shoot the murderer. Nowadays, we need someone to fend off a wild shooter.

The troubles that we are experiencing today point to “poor leadership.” Here is a list of the changes over the last several years. You tell me, which one of these items has worked for the good of ordinary people, or…