How are you connected to King Edward I of England? How about Noah?

Jeannette Holland Austin
3 min readNov 17, 2023

The family is our most important asset. Despite what has happened throughout the years, we are linked to the genetics of our grandparents and siblings. Everyone has an old family album proving one’s lineage and continuing existence.

It is said that a large percentage of Americans descend from King Edward I of England. That is because the lineage of the royalty extends across many generations of marriages and children. In other words, the connecting marriages of Nobility to Royal Houses could be part of your heritage.

Indeed, we are all brothers and sisters who descend from Noah. So what are all the divisions all about on the world stage? I do not have the answer except to say that people marry and have children, rinse and repeat.

The sons of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth are the beginning of our story. Our long history is one of jealousy, betrayal, deceit, and power, and we are repeating humankind's best and worst traits. Our journey comes with the realization that we are not eternal beings and that death awaits us somewhere over a mysterious plateau or misty hill.

For inquiring persons, finding the ancestors is tedious work. It is usually accomplished by learning the facts, generation by generation. With every generation discovered, the names to find next are doubled. When one arrives at their 25th cousin three times removed, they are in a time frame mostly devoid of information. It is the Middle Ages. This is how kinship to the Kings and Nobility classes enters the genetic picture. The best that one can do in this era is to rely upon the history books and the genealogies published by royal families. Please remember that the royal families sometimes touted a relationship with Biblical figures. The Bible did not carry forward or record its historical statistics to the Middle Ages.

However, the royal lineage in the Bible may have some structure in legends. For instance, there is a tale that when the Assyrians killed King Hezekiah about 600 BCE (see the Book of Jeremiah), Jeremiah rescued two of his daughters. Jeremiah gave one daughter in marriage to the king of Spain and the other to the King of Ireland. It is from the King of Ireland that the British claim their lineage. Also, it is said (but not proven) that…