Hero Imprints

by Jeannette Holland Austin

Great battles and skirmishes occurred during the Revolutionary War between Americans and British soldiers. If you have a Revolutionary War Soldier, you will want to hear the first-hand stories of these battles as related by the fighting soldier. I have taken the first-hand account of old pension records (the soldier’s account) and included them after a vivid story of each battle. Many of these stories are fascinating and haunting episodes of the struggles of individual soldiers, his confrontations with British soldiers and American Indians, imprisonment, and torture.

This book was written for this generation. A great price was paid for American Freedom. It was a time of harsh and bitter bravery and an unselfish willingness to sacrifice all for freedom.

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Exciting New Book about the Revolutionary War by Jeannette Holland Austin

Stories of the battles during the Revolutionary War as told by the soldiers who fought them. Taken from revolutionary war pensions, diaries, etc. Copyright 2021

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