Georgia Pioneers is the absolute best source to find your ancestors

I have been writing on for some time now. However, Medium is not the best help for genealogists, historians, or researchers.

If you want free help, subscribe to Yesterday Magazine and read my articles. I provide new ideas on how to research the most difficult-to-find ancestors. I can tell you the route that most emigrants took once they were in America that will help you know where to search.

Also, historical data is provided that connects with genealogical research. In other words, your ancestors made history, even if their names were not in the history books.

I spent over 50 years in the field and can provide ideas for finding information you think does not exist. is a compilation of my work, plus images of old wills and estates, marriage records, obituaries, traced families, tax digests, and almost every colonial county record available in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, NC, SC, Tennessee, and Virginia. These states track the trail of the emigrants. So this is where you should research. We also have a collection of old books for every State (histories, biographies, genealogies, cemetery records, county records, etc.) for the USA, England, Ireland, and Scotland. It is all online at

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Jeannette Holland Austin

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