• Kenneth Thatcher

    Kenneth Thatcher

  • Jackie Boykin

    Jackie Boykin

  • Marcus Watkins

    Marcus Watkins

    God first conservative, grassroots political activist, proud family man, lover of baseball, jazz, and fine wine who writes about culture and politics.

  • Riccardo Martorana

    Riccardo Martorana

  • Mathew Acra

    Mathew Acra

  • Andre' Fox Wilson Sr.

    Andre' Fox Wilson Sr.

    Managing Partner & Funding Maverick at Altima Business Solutions. Empowering you to focus!

  • Valerie Cross

    Valerie Cross

    Iowan by birth,Yorkshire lass by marriage, Mainer by choice.Owned by a cat, avid reader, movie buff, historian, genealogist, hotelier Matthew 6:26

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