Did your Ancestors Fight with the Patriots?

Patrick Henry

If you think that your family members did not associate with famous historical figures of their time, you are wrong. Isaac Smith of Monroe County enlisted from New Kent County, Virginia in the Virginia State Troops during the latter part of 1775. He must have been a true patriot to enlist so early in the Revolutionary War, for he went to Williamsburg where he served under Captain Robert Ballard for one year before going to Norfolk on a small scouting party where he was wounded by “a ball in the forehead.” At the time he was in a regiment commanded by the famous Patrick Henry! During August of 1779, he was with General Washington in the battles of White Plains the taking of the Hessions at Trenton, Princeton, Brandywine, Germantown and Monmouth. But that was not enough, because after he was discharged in 1779 by General Muhlenberg, he joined the Militia of Kent County and was with that Militia at the siege of York and surrender of Lord Cornwallis. In other words, Isaac Smith stood side-by-side with the “bravest of the bravest” and most valiant heroes of the American Revolution. He was a person who believed in freedom and the American way; he never gave up the cause and fought until the very end of the war. If you wish to learn more about the good character of your progenitors, the names of their friends and neighbors and how they helped to build America, read the Revolutionary War pensions. The details of the battles and names of their officers were essential elements of their lives. And, perhaps tell a little bit about you?



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