Cherry Trees in Virginia

Cherry Trees in Virginia

When Capt. John Smith visited the Colony of Virginia, he noted that cherry trees and other fruits were in abundance. Also, that there were some very great trees in some parts of the country. Near the dwellings of the savages were Mulberry trees and some parts of the country were found growing naturally in pretty groves. “Virginia doth afford many excellent vegetables, and living Creatures, yet grasse there is little or none, but what groweth in low Marishes: for all the Countrey is overgrowne with trees, whose droppings continually turneth their grasse to weeds, by reason of the rancknes of the ground, which would soone be amended by good husbandry. The wood that is most common is Oke and Walnut, many of their Okes are so tall and straight, that they will beare two foote and a halfe square of good timber for 20 yards long; Of this wood there is two or three severall kinds. The Acornes of one kinde, whose barke is more white then the other, and somewhat sweetish, which being boyled, at last affords a sweet oyle, that they keepe in gourds to annoint their heads and joynts. The fruit they eate made in bread or otherwise.” Source: The General Historie of Virginia, New England and The Summer Isles, Vol. I, by John Smith.






Author of 100+ genealogy books. Owner of 8 genealogy websites available by subscription.

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Jeannette Holland Austin

Jeannette Holland Austin

Author of 100+ genealogy books. Owner of 8 genealogy websites available by subscription.

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