Are you kidding me? Are schools axing Algebra?

Jeannette Holland Austin
3 min readJul 19, 2023

A How to get a degree in “Stupid.”

We can unravel this problem with Algebra.

Algebra math is the most useful problem solver on the planet. Students who learn algebra use it in critical thinking, problem-solving, and complex problems involving numbers.

I have never met anyone who spoke fondly of Algebra. At first glance, there must be a better route to solving problems. Many people suppose that they will never use it.

As one departs their college class, he is abruptly introduced to the real life of financial decisions. These decisions are where you are either successful or not. For example, How will you understand compound interest and how mortgages work? Algebra math is an easy calculator to correct answers. Often, financial experts are considered experts in the field of acquiring wealth. They use math to arrive at solutions.

Algebra is used in construction to build bridges and canals and for almost everything requiring for analysis.

Construction workers add, subtract, divide, multiply, and work with fractions. They measure the area, volume, length, and width. How much steel do they need for an office building? How much cement is needed to fill a hole 5 x 12 feet?

How much weight will your school library bear on its floors? How are you going to calculate that?