One night I awoke from a deep sleep with the following message in my head “There is a candy bar on the bottom shelf behind the catsup!” Something long forgotten, no longer visible was still lodged inside my brain. Have you ever spent hours pouring over old genealogy records and not found any real answers? Then, suddenly an idea pops into the head about where to search next? I believe there is a real light in there! It is so bright that it washes all the convoluted thoughts and presents instead uniquely obvious ideas. The neuropathic path upon which this…

Boarding a vessel

As genealogists, we quickly gather names, dates and places. But do we really understand the personal struggles of our ancestors during their presence upon the earth? For one, past generations were swamped with problems of immigration and the voyage to America. They all came for various reasons. Learning these reasons is an excellent beginning for the genealogist as it provides some interesting clues. Do we not ever-watch and observe our contemporaries to learn their route to wealth and happiness? How much more rewarding is it, then, when we learn of the history and struggles of our very own families? Sometimes…

Palatinate (Germany)

Few passenger lists of the early German settlers from the lower Palatine regions of Germany into Philadelphia survived. They were probably the largest concentration of immigrants who came to America. However, we have to remember that the Palatines spoke German and for this reason established their own communities. From about 1735 to 1752 most of these people were Germans from the Palatines and Switzerland and they were usually acccompanied by their ministers.

Take special note of the names of the ministers and search for possible church records or log books. Their religion was being reformed into Presbyterian and Lutheran. In…

I see a number of posts on quora from persons having gotten their DNA percentages. What is odd to me is that they are questioning the percentages. Example, “I am 10% Italian and 40% Greek. What am I?”

Generally speaking, beyond our grandparents, our DNA is part of the gene pool of every human being. The percentages mean very little. The way to gain a more personal understanding is to take out the family photos and make comparisons. For example, my brother inherited our 2nd great grandmother’s large ears, but no one in our family inherited her beautiful eyes. My…

Tips by Jeannette Holland Austin

old map

One should always be on the lookout for old maps because the names of towns and communities change. Also, borders. Once, I researched a family and came to a deadend in the census records. The one particular family was not listed in the county where he resided.

Only to discover later that according to an old map, he resided in the adjacent county, one whose boundaries had changed! The map is a very big item for genealogist, because it helps the researcher to understand the movements of families, where they resided, and their neighbors. …

Attitude determines success in all phases of our life. A smile can make someone’s day. A pleasant comment can direct the mood of an entire room of people.

A good attitude delivers friends, companions, business-deals, and well-being. It blocks out anger, distress, frustration and depression.

Let’s pretend that you are attending a party of strangers.

Something painfully unpleasant just occurred, even disastrous. The emotional discomfort that you are experiencing…the pain, sadness, rejection, sense of failure…all that stuff, is leaking out of an attitude that has chosen the path of uncertainty. …

It seems that scam artists have always been around. Here is one who promised a land of paradise to the Cherokees, under his superb guidance, of course. “One of the greatest, most artful, and most successful intriguers the French ever sent amongst the Cherokees was a man named Christian Priber, a German Jesuit in the service of France.” and “although a man of great learning and intelligence; a Hebrew, Greek, and Latin scholar, yet he made himself, to all intents and purposes, an Indian.”

He selected the town of Coosawattee to be the capitol of his kingdom and when Priber…


The idea that overnight success is possible is a false assumption. Yet, the “get rich” articles continue to spin out in record time for everyone to read. These articles have been around since the beginning of the Internet.

My genealogy site, was first visible on the Internet in 1995; and I have seen those promises from the very beginning. Essentially, I found that they are not informing you of anything that you do not already know. In other words, everyone has to craft a workable plan. It is just common sense.

You cannot make a fortune in a short-period…

We have finished adding the marriage records to almost every county in Georgia. Hopefully, it will assist you in locating some of your ancestors.

Also, this summer we will be adding more images of wills, estates, marriages for Tennessee and Pennsylvania.

This website continues to grow expotentially every day. The whole process is time-consuming, but it is worth it! Yeah!

Okay, we’ve had over a year of restrictions and turmoil. It is time for America to get back to work!

Some pretty broad changes have stretched across our land. For one, the bias in social media (and hateful remarks)is driving business to make changes and we are witnessing the emergence of social media platforms behind paywalls as an answer to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc.

For chatting with family and friends, other social mediums such as “Mewe” have gone under a paywall.

I found the nasty remarks on FB detrimental to my website business.

The idea of public media, once good…

Jeannette Austin

For 50 plus years I trace genealogies professionally, collect old wills, estates, wills, marriages, host which includes AL GA KY NC SC TN VA

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