One night I awoke from a deep sleep with the following message in my head “There is a candy bar on the bottom shelf behind the catsup!” Something long forgotten, no longer visible was still lodged inside my brain. Have you ever spent hours pouring over old genealogy records and…

Boarding a vessel

As genealogists, we quickly gather names, dates and places. But do we really understand the personal struggles of our ancestors during their presence upon the earth? For one, past generations were swamped with problems of immigration and the voyage to America. They all came for various reasons. Learning these reasons…

With the construction of railroads during the 1830s and 1840s, many accidents occurred. We may complain about automobile accidents today, however, train accidents and death were rather common in the old days. Why? Well, for one thing, the tracks were built on streets which were also used by pedestrians. I…

The Georgians by Jeannette Holland Austin

Most of the time there is a genealogy workaround which will aid in your research.

The main problem is records that did not survive the test of time. Historically, mankind has kept records dating back to the day of Adam. …

Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia

Traditionally, there were Timucuan Indian villages in the swamp and Spanish missions during the 17th century. When William Bartram traveled through Georgia, he told the story of princesses of the sun on an island in the center of the swamp. During the late 18th century, it was a Creek hunting…

Typical Passenger List

The story of “two brothers” coming to America in a barrel is simply a tale spun by relatives. An examination of the earliest passenger lists reflects that a great many persons traveled to the colonies alone and under the patronage of wealthy patrons. In Jamestown, they did well to acquire…

Archaeological Dig at the Lyon Farm on the South River

The Alliance and The Georgia Historic Preservation Division hosted dozens of volunteers during public archaeology days to dig on the Lyon Farm, supposed to be one of the oldest homesteads in DeKalb County. It was built ca 1820 or later.

Restoration Source:

The present site of Fort Hawkins: Crawford County, Georgia

Benjamin Hawkins came into this area (now Crawford County) in 1803 and developed a compound on the Flint River. The compound included a shop and plantation, which became known as the Creek Agency Reserve. The site was located near Macon and doubtless served as one of the forts along the…

When visiting your local court house, it should be remembered that most counties kept a record of poor people and the cost thereof. A search through these old books usually yields a list of names. Other than that, there are other means. Here is a List of the Collection on Georgia Pioneers:

  • Abram Widow’s Home, Chatham County, 1860
  • Douglas County Paupers 1871–1890
  • Emanuel County Poor House, 1835 or 1853
  • Savannah Poor House and Hospital, 1850 and 1860
  • The Constitution (newspapers) 1885–1900

If you are interested in finding your ancestors, county records are the answer. Consider, when you purchase a home, a deed is recorded in your name with the county and state of your (then) residence. It is possible to use the name of the previous owner to trace the ownership…

Jeannette Austin

For 50 plus years I trace genealogies professionally, collect old wills, estates, wills, marriages, host which includes AL GA KY NC SC TN VA

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