One night I awoke from a deep sleep with the following message in my head “There is a candy bar on the bottom shelf behind the catsup!” Something long forgotten, no longer visible was still lodged inside my brain. Have you ever spent hours pouring over old genealogy records and…

Boarding a vessel

As genealogists, we quickly gather names, dates and places. But do we really understand the personal struggles of our ancestors during their presence upon the earth? For one, past generations were swamped with problems of immigration and the voyage to America. They all came for various reasons. Learning these reasons…

This type of court emulates a court which met quarterly in Great Britain. In early colonial America, it also had criminal jurisdiction. The genealogist should always examine the minutes of this court. And for good reason. It is similar to the (later) Inferior Court Minutes which registered everything from wills…

By Jeannette Holland Austin

Hero Imprints is the story of the Revolutionary War as told by the soldiers who fought it. What is unique is the eyeball information of individual soldiers who fought in the Militia and Continental Army. The reader is better able to follow from one battle to the other and realize the hardships and trauma of this war for freedom. The index provides the names of soldiers who told their stories, officers, etc. which helps the genealogist locate ancestors.

The book is online and available to members of

After Census Records

If you are searching for your ancestors, your first document search was probably through census records. However, the census search ended for the most people in 1850. Although the census records begin inn 1790 and continue every ten years, it was not until 1850 that the names…

Images of Wills, Estates, Marriages, Obituaries, Cemeteries, Bible Records, pensions etc.

Every county court house had its problems storing old documents and the records which were written into large, heavy books. The India Ink has pretty much survived up until this time, however, it was affected by cold and damp storage areas. Original documents were kept inside filing cabinets, but over…

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Warren County, Tennessee -

Images of Wills and Inventories 1827–1844; 1844–1850; 1849–1858

Marriages — Bonds 1852–1865;1865–1868; 1865–1871; 1871–1874; 1874–1877

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The inventories usually represent persons who did not leave a last will and testament. Therefore, it becomes essential to read through the items. For example, members of the family usually purchased goods at the first sale. The means of discovering who might be family members can be realized by examining marriage records. For example, this is where the sons-in-laws are find. The extra tid-bits of information help to clear up some problems. Happy tracing!

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Richmond County (Staten Island)

Wills in the Surrogate Court 1829–1833; 1833–1839; 1839–1844

Westchester County

  • Early Wills 1664–1784
  • Quaker Marriages
  • Epitaphs, Cemeteries

7 States of Genealogy Records are Online

Tracing the family history involves more than just a search of the census records. A thorough research effort is indicated into the county records where your ancestor resided. If you visit a State Archives, you would search through marriages, probate (old wills and…

Jeannette Austin

For 50 plus years I trace genealogies professionally, collect old wills, estates, wills, marriages, host which includes AL GA KY NC SC TN VA

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